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Expert Media Hub is a leading source for media training for both print and digital media. Teacher and Media Expert, Tony Laidig, guides you, step-by-step, through the maze of confusing information to bring clarity, understanding and results on a myriad of topics including, publishing, illustration, ecommerce design, photography and more.

Explore Our Training Categories Below...

Product Creation Trainings

Product Creation

Includes Digital Products, Physical Products and more!

Public Domain Trainings

Public Domain

Discover the Mother Lode of content in the Public Domain!

Illustration-Related Trainings


Create Illustrations for your books, products and more!

Publishing-Related Trainings

Book Publishing

Easily create and publish your own physical and digital books!

Publishing-Related Trainings

Low-Content Books

Discover how to design and publish your own low-content books!

Ecommerce Design Trainings

Ecom Design

Design for Mugs, T-Shirts, Jewelry and more!

Photography-Related Trainings


Discover how to take better photos and profit from those photos!

Courses – Marketing / Sales

Marketing / Sales

Marketing and Sales strategies to get your products noticed and sold!

Business Insight Trainings

Business Insights

Proven insights to increase your profit, shift your mindset and more!

Creative Media Mastery

Creative Media

Discover how to master the latest creative media methods.