Expert Media Group, LLC is a leading source for media training for both print and digital media. Teacher and Media Expert, Tony Laidig, guides you, step-by-step, through the maze of confusing information to bring clarity, understanding and results on a myriad of topics including, AI, publishing, illustration, e-commerce design, photography and more.


Click here to watch an informative video about the move!

NOTE: This video was made in early 2024 when we were just beginning the move. This is a MASSIVE project so we appreciate your patience!

Hub to Academy Transition UPDATES!!

*Any course/product purchases 2023 and older are STILL in THIS existing Hub site ( and will remain here until it's 100% transferred to the Academy. Please login above to access those courses.
*ALL 2024 and NEWER products will ONLY be in the Academy ( while we're moving products over from the Hub.
*2023, 2022 AND 2021 Insiders are already imported into the NEW Academy system ( AND tagged to ALL their 2021, 2022 and 2023 courses! If this is you, check your account or check your email/SPAM for the Welcome message.
*At this time ONLY 2023 & newer courses will be available for purchase from the new Academy website. If you know of an older course you'd like to purchase, please contact Support and we can send you a link directly to it.
*As of June 2024, all 2020 and half of 2019's courses have been moved to the Academy! We will NOT be moving all members from the Hub to the Academy until ALL courses dating back to 2016 have been transferred to the Academy. ONLY Insiders have been transferred with ONLY the courses mentioned in the bullets above!