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Become the expert behind your books while making them look just the way you want them to using the tricks and tools needed to make you shine.

Expert Media Hub is a leading source for training in all types of print and digital media. Teacher and Media Expert, Tony Laidig, guides you, step-by-step, through the maze of confusing information and bring clarity, understanding and results on topics including:

> Public Domain Content

> Illustrating Children's Books

> Print and Kindle Publishing

> Creating Card-Based Products

> Creating Low-Content Books, like Puzzle Books, Doodle Books, etc.

> Setting Up Your Own Etsy Shop

> Genealogy Research

> Profiting With Photography

> And Much More!

Below you'll discover a number of Tony's highly recommended trainings. Feel free to explore and click on the links to learn more! For a more complete catalog of courses, simply click the Courses link in the navigation above.

Genealogy Detectives


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EBI: Hybrid Illustration Styles

EBI: Hybrid
Illustration Styles

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Card Deck Creator

Card Deck

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Maker Shop Success

Maker Shop

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Public Domain Education Hacks

Public Domain Education Hacks

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Photo Profit Challenge

Photo Profit

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Make Doodle Books

Make Doodle

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Children's Book Strategies

Children's Book

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Easy Book Tutorials

Easy Book

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Coloring Book Kickstart PDF

Coloring Book
Kickstart PDF

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