Town Hall 2021 Replay!

Behind-the-Scenes With “Magickal Bear”

Your Opportunity to Watch Me Build a Brand-New,
Digital and Physical Products Business from the Ground Up!

I am building a brand-new business from scratch in the Metaphysical / Nature space that will offer both digital and physical products of all types. While I have already started the beginning processes, I wanted to give you an opportunity to come along for the ride to see how I approach, plan, and create this brand-new business venture!

Brainstorming and Business Setup

Be the proverbial “Fly on the Wall” as Kristen and I brainstorm business ideas for Magickal Bear. You will also see how we structure the business as a DBA of our company, InterACT, LLC.

All My Design and Product Creation

Watch over my shoulder as I research, design and create BOTH digital and physical products...both as screencast videos and live action. I will be creating Printables, printed books, physical products of many types, subscription boxes and more! You will also see how I handle packaging design and creation!

Website and Social Media Setup

Discover how I design and build my SquareSpace site, Shopify backend, Etsy, Social Media Channels, Pinterest, YouTube, and more!

Products Prepped for Wholesaling

Follow me through the entire process for preparing products to sell through wholesale sites, including product photography, descriptions, terms, account setup and more.

Suppliers and Contacts

Finding the best suppliers for goods can be extremely challenging. You will see how I approach it, how I setup the accounts, who I buy from and more!


Watch me setup my marketing plan, create paid ads on Social Media platforms, create articles and blog posts, setup optin forms, and more. We will also be applying for Trademarks as a part of the marketing process.

Packing and Shipping

As orders begin to come in, I will walk you through how we pack and ship...the setup we use in our S.H.I.T. (Shipping, Handling, Inventory, & Tracking) room, and more!

Growing and Expanding

We have big plans for this business! You will get to see how we approach business growth over time, add new product lines, expand into courses and trainings, and more!

This Is NOT a Weekly Course!

This is a month's long process with most, if not all, of the videos being recorded as I am working. There will NOT be scheduled webinars. This is a true, over-my-shoulders look and how to build a new brand and product sales business from scratch!

Also, this is NOT a project I am working on for the sake of teaching...this is a serious business I am building as part of a new direction for me personally, and likely as a full-time venture within 2 years as it grows!

Lastly, you WILL be required to sign BOTH an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and a Non-Compete Agreement (to be sent after payment is received)!

The Investment!

The price point for this should EASILY be at least $10,000 or more with ALL the insights you will gain access to. But for YOU, my longtime customers and subscribers, I am offering this, for a Limited Time, for a one-time payment of just $1,500 or 6 Monthly Payments of $300!

The investment amount will be increasing substantially in the coming days (to a minimum of $9,997) so do not delay!

Also, because this is a new venture not associated with Expert Media Group, LLC (it will be a DBA of InterACT, LLC), this is NOT included in the 2021 Course Access offer! Your Access to the videos, however, WILL be on for ease of access.

One-Time Payment: $1,500

6 Monthly Payments at $300 Each