Easy Book Illustrations: Miniatures 


Easy Book Illustrations: Miniatures!

In this 6-Part LIVE Training Webinar training series, you will discover:

Module One: Foundations

In this first module, we will dig into the planning and preparation for creating your photographs to illustrate your book and create other visual products. The groundwork you will discover in this training will position you perfectly to succeed with miniatures.

Module Two: Character Sourcing

In this module, you will discover where to find character miniatures, props and more that you can actually use to create your story illustrations. We will also cover building your own characters, 3D printed characters and more!

Module Three: Set Building

In this module, we will cover how to create the environments and sets you need for your characters. You will see how to easily build sets, where to find buildings and natural objects and much more!

Module Four: Lighting

Proper lighting is the secret to creating amazing-looking photos from your miniatures. You’ll learn about the best types of lighting to use, how to light your sets without spending a bunch of money, and much more in this module!

Module Five: Special Effects

You may find that, at times, you want to achieve an end result with your scenes but are unsure how to accomplish it. In this module, we will dive into the best ways to use green screen and compositing, wire removal and much more.

Module Six: Photography

This module will dive into the photography itself. You need to know the best camera options, best lenses, accessory gear, exposure settings and much more.

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